Nine Questions About Nine Minutes

Caution: Do not continue with this entry if you have not already read the book!! I’ll try to keep them as general as possible just in case…

I could not fall asleep last night thinking about the conclusion to this story. Yes, there is a sequel planned for spring 2015. However, I have all of these questions circling in my mind. If anyone has any comments or answers, please share!

  1. Chapter 40 –  Does Ginny get a new tattoo, modify the existing tattoo, or remove the original tattoo?
  2. Chapter 42 – What is the secret about Delia? I’m thinking that she sold Ginny to Grizz?
  3. Chapter 42 –  Do we think that Ginny knows who set up Grizz?
  4. Chapter 42 & Epilogue – I’m confused, Tommy said that Grizz ordered a hit on Leslie, but the epilogue seems to indicate she needs “convincing”. Which is it?
  5. Chapter 42 & Epilogue – Do we think the article is coming out or no?
  6. Chapter 42 & Epilogue – I’m trying to determine exactly what secret would be released in the article. Is it Tommy’s indiscretions, because we already knew he was living with Cindy and that seemed acceptable?
  7. Chapter 42 & Epilogue – In his last conversation with Grizz, do we think Tommy learned how they are related?
  8. Epilogue – Did this discussion take place before or after Tommy’s final visit to Grizz?
  9. Preview – Do we think that Grunt kept Kit’s wallet with the altruistic intent of getting her life back for her work for the sole purpose of hurting Grizz?

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