My Review of “Fifty Shades” the movie – Beware of spoilers!!

So I have disappeared for a while. I have been working through some career and personal stress. This has not stopped me from trying to read every possible minute that I get to myself.

FIFTY-SHADES-MOVIE-REVIEW-FBI did finally brave the winter cold and managed to get out to see Fifty Shades of Grey and I would like to share my thoughts with you on the movie version. First let me start by saying it was bliss when my mother had no concept or clue what the buzz was all about. Unfortunately, with the movie premiere, the book has come more into the news. At my age (which I will not mention), I have been “slapped on the hand” for having a desire to see this movie and suffering from the label that goes with people who want to see the movie and read the book. She is now disappointed with me. However, I am old enough to make my own decisions – so she says! Yikes! And then there are my friends who remind me that this is not exactly suitable content for Lenten viewing. Regardless, with my recent personal issues, I did need some stress relief and was happy to venture out.

The first 10 minutes of the movie swept me away! I loved the opening shots of Christian’s life. I loved every scene with music, as I thought it was coordinated perfectly. I appreciated that some of the music from the “Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album” made it into the movie, because I think it is an album that doesn’t get enough attention. I adored Dakota Johnson as Anastasia. I loved the on-screen camaraderie between Dakota and Eloise Mumford. I loved the interview and hardware store scenes. Especially important for me was getting to see the vision of Escala, the playroom, and the helicopter/hang glider expeditions. Why can’t I envision scenes like that??

This is where my enjoyment ended and I am so sad. I know the general public was disappointed in the ending; for those of us that read the book, we expected a cliffhanger. This was not the disappointment. I was sad that after the hardware store scene, Jamie Dornan seemed to maintain one face for all occasions. I think the sexual scenes were beautifully choreographed, but I did not feel the connection between the characters. I was disappointed that Christian had a shirt on for their first intimate relation, because it never communicated to those who didn’t read the book that he had issues. My friend thought Jamie Dornan had warts rather than understanding the character had cigarette burns. The text messages were a major part of my enjoyment of the books, and I enjoyed EL James’ use of them; unfortunately, I did not get the same feel for those used in the movie. The movie is never quite like the book, and I understand this was mostly Anastasia’s story, but I just felt like the second half was rushed and would not make the non-book viewers fall for Christian like we did. Call me crazy, but I was also looking forward to clips of Taylor – who was barely there! (I’m secretly hoping for a sequel with him and Mrs. Jones.)

One of my favorite scenes is the conversation between Anastasia and Christian before the big breakup. It is heart wrenching and emotional. I think we feel the love from both characters without them having the ability to express that or commit to it. I felt none of that from the movie. I was also sad for those who haven’t read the book not to understand the Christian left Georgia for a personal reason, not a business reason.

There is rumor that EL James is helping to write the scripts for the next two movies. If she succeeds in this endeavor, I will happily go see any sequels that get put into production. I know that the books too much criticism for the lack of grammar and editing. However, I think that EL James wove a great tale that kept my interest, and I felt like the movie missed her special touch.