Oh Griffin – What a Character!

This was an amazing read, as we have come to expect from SC Stephens. I was looking so forward to Griffin’s story and it did not disappoint. There was his usual vulgarity (which makes me laugh out loud) and his struggles as he searched for his path24299682 to enlightenment. It had me laughing and crying. It is heart-wrenching to read when a character hits rock bottom and climbs their way out, and SC Stephens writes it perfectly. I cannot begin to understand the challenge of getting into Griffin’s head and crafting how he would perceive and process events – as only how Griffin could. Then write the alternate POV of how other characters see him. I kept all my original feelings for the characters from the original trilogy – except for Matt. There is a fallout be24299682tween the cuz’s, and I felt that Matt could have been more humble in reconciling his relationship with Griffin – it wasn’t all one sided.

This is a standalone as part of a series. You will lose the context of the supporting characters if read out of order.

It is also great to hang with the D-bags again and see what happening in their lives. I truly hope this is not the end of the band. (less)

5 Hearts