Christmas Gifts for Special Needs

My typical blog entry is a book review. This review is going to be different. I would like to share my recommended gift list for that Person with Disability that might be in your life, or just that special person in your life.

iPhone 6s/6 plus introduces the “Hey Siri” feature no longer requiring electricity to utilize. This allows for hands-free texting, emails, phone calls, weather/sports updates, etc.  I talk to it at all times of the day or night, even to ask the time during those sleepless nights when I can’t see the clock.

iHome Control Smart Plug, featuring Apple and Android Compatibility is my favorite new toy, and I don’t own enough of them! These adapters are cost-effective, easy to install, and out of the past three months have only had to be reset once. I seriously don’t understand the mediocre rating that they receive! These allow hands-free operation of devices in your home, including: light fixtures, coffee pots, printers, televisions, and anything you can think of. You can set scenes like “Good Morning” and have everything turn on at once! They work with “Hey Siri” and require wifi. I can yell, “Hey Siri, turn on the Christmas tree!” Voila!

Apple TV has now introduced a Touchpad remote. It also includes Siri voice features, which allows for hands-free movie and music searches, as well as other functionality typically offered by Siri. Unfortunately, the new remote requires a strong hand to click the enter button. The good news is, as of last week, Apple resumed support of its Remote app, allowing accessibility from your mobile device.

IWANDS Stylus for tablets comes at 9″ and 12″ in length. The 9″ weighs 0.2 ounces and is a blessing for the physically impaired. The customer service is great. The company even offers the option of a tip replacement program as opposed to the cost of buying a replacement stylus.

IZ Adaptive clothing is FANTASTIC! It’s serious clothing for wheelchair users that is classic and professional in appearance. Seriously, it’s freedom of style without compromising on comfort. For the ladies, the “Keep Your Knees Together” is ingenuous and I want to know why I never thought of it! The parka lap blanket makes winter tolerable. The skirts are comfortable to sit in and provide a classy, professional appearance. Again, GREAT customer service that is personal.

August Smart Lock has a new version that is Apple HomeKit enabled. I have the original from a year ago.  I cannot describe the feeling of freedom in being able to lock/unlock my own door and to choose who I want to be able to access on a regular basis. It brings a great sense of security that I never had before. The new version, which will allow for Siri voice control, is alas on backorder. Some good things must come at a wait.

Sonos speakers are the bomb! If you are unable to change a CD or turn a dial, the freedom of these wireless speakers is like a slice of heaven. I have them in most rooms and control them from my mobile device, using my Spotify subscription.

Kindle Cloud Reader is still my favorite ebook reader. I love its appearance and synchronization dependability. The dictionary and notes features are what I appreciate. If you are unable to hold a book with your hands, this is a good alternative.

If you have uncovered any new gizmos to make life easier, I would love to hear about them. I am especially interested in hands free, automated devices.