Book Review – Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry

I’ve been aware of Loving Mr. Daniels¬†for some time and the rave reviews that it has received. For some reason, I had it listed on my TBR list and have held off reading it¬†because of my own stupidity of being embarrassed reading a new adult novel at my age. How wrong I was! This was a well written and captivating story! Without any spoilers, I was concerned with my assumption concerning the ages between the main characters; this was handled perfectly. I felt every connection between the characters, every moment of pain and every moment of peace. I love the struggles and the quirkiness of the heroine, and I respect all choices that she made in the story. It isn’t often that we find a strong heroine that we completely agree with, and Daniel is definitely one of the better book boyfriends! Just remember to keep a box of tissue nearby.

5 Stars